Tilt Wall

Tilt-Up Construction and Precast Concrete Construction

Tilt-up Construction (also called Tilt Wall Construction) is an innovative and cost-effective way to create large concrete buildings more quickly than with concrete block construction. In a tilt-up construction project, the building’s walls are poured directly at a job site in large slabs of concrete, known as panels.

The wall panels are then tilted up into position around the slab. Tilt wall construction allows contractors to build a large range of commercial buildings much faster and with better overall control of construction costs than typical for a traditional concrete building project.

A precast concrete building is constructed using precast concrete wall panels. Precast construction is very similar to tilt-up construction, but the concrete wall panels are instead formed at a manufacturing facility and then they are transported to the job site rather than being formed directly at the job site.

DeWitt Custom Concrete has been doing tilt up construction for many years, for a wide variety of buildings including office buildings, retail centers, distribution centers, warehouses and other commercial and industrial projects.

Benefits of tilt-up construction include:

  • Walls are formed and poured on site
  • Versatility. Every building can be custom designed to meet needs in function and overall appearance
  • Reduces structural steel costs to save on construction budgets
  • High energy efficiency to safe money
  • Ultra-durable construction
  • Fast project completion

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